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Ampelite Milestone


Ampelite Milestone

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2018/08/16 14:58
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AMPELITE FRP lighting panels are widely used in industrial, commercial and civil buildings, such as warehouses, factories, swimming pool roofs and walls, with first-class lighting performance, perfect
AMPELITE FRP lighting panels are widely used in industrial, commercial and civil buildings, such as warehouses, factories, swimming pool roofs and walls, with first-class lighting performance, perfect high-end appearance, convenient construction and quick, etc., have been widely used in major Among the medium-sized key projects, there are brilliant achievements. Some of the projects have achieved: Zhongshan Galanz (35000M2), Saudi SCC Project (28000M2), Zhenjiang Jindong Paper (25000M2), Taigang Group (70000M2), Wuyang Honda (24000M2). Changsha Helong Gymnasium (21000M2), Shanghai Shipyard (17000M2), China Shipbuilding Changxing Island Shipyard (42000M2), Shenzhen Chiwan Petroleum Base (17000M2), Lanzhou Aluminum Industry (16000M2), Bohai Shipyard (36000M2), Dalian Huafeng Furniture (14000M2), Sany Heavy Industry (11000M2), Midea Group (9000M2), Shenyang Toshiba Elevator Factory (8000M2), Shenyang Hummer Modern Agriculture Park (8000M2), Beijing Shengshi Ecological Park (29000M2) and Luoyang Jidong Wastewater Treatment Plant ( 40000M2) and other large projects.
Ampelite Milestone:
1969 Established Ampelite, Australia, specializing in the production of FRP lighting panels. With two advanced production lines, from 1975 to 1990, large wholesale warehouses were established in the five major provinces of Australia.
1996 Thailand joint venture company put into production;
1997 New Zealand-owned company put into production;
In September 2003, the Kunshan Ampelite plant was put into operation;
October 2005 Hangzhou Ampelite plant put into operation;
In March 2006, the Beijing Ampelite plant was put into operation;
August 2007 The Ampelite plant in Dongguan was put into operation.
In recent years, Ampelite has been ranked as the largest FRP lighting panel production group in the Asia Pacific region and is also the third largest FRP lighting manufacturer in the world. Ampelite is creating a new era of China's FRP lighting panels at an alarming rate. It has also proved that the Ampelite FRP lighting panels manufactured in China can stand out from the crowd and stand out from the crowd.